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Friday, September 11, 2015

Amulets: Where the Idea of Using them Came From

Derived from the Greek word Amulētum which means something that gives protection against trouble, Amulet (Anting-Anting) is an object used to gain invincibility against the oppressors and the state of being protected.

The use of it began during the times where colonization is still out of control in different parts of the world, and the oppressed would like to be safeguarded as they hide from or fight their tormentors.

Amulets come in the form of medallions, pendants, rings, crystals, coins, statues, seals, drawings, crucifixes, to mention a few. Each of these items were believed to be programmed depending on what kind of protection their owners want to have. Some can give invisibility, not getting wounded by weapons and so on. They can be worn or carried by their owners, while in some cases, they are planted beneath the skin.

Some amulet keepers claim that their amulets came from their ancestor and were passed on from one generation to the next, while some claim that they fabricated what they have under the guidance of spirits such as engkantos, demons and angels.

Nowadays, amulet keepers use these objects not only to protect themselves against their fellow humans but also against spirits that they want to drive away.
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