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Friday, September 11, 2015

A Bad TV Experience

Do not believe anything you see on TV. Validate things if you think you have to. My group and I have guested on various shows and what disappoints me is that most of the time, they omit the most substantial parts of the interview or investigation and take only those that will favor and add juice to their story. There were also instances where they would skip some footage, admitting that they got scared and didn't even care to review those. Next time, I'll have an agreement signed between my group and the programs who would guest us on TV.

When I was invited by a TV program to investigate a bridge in Pampanga where several accidents believed to be paranormal in nature happened, I gave them lots of notable reports that weren't included when they aired that segment. The only thing they've shown is me saying "It's an accident-prone area." And so??? They didn't even aired my explanation; and that's quite unfair. If the aim of these shows is to give people information, then, they should try harder to make segments like these informative.

Now, here is my own report on the real condition of the place:

1. The road has an irregular surface and the edges are sharp. If you won't be careful, you know what would possibly happen to you.

2. There is a power plant near the bridge which can cause hallucinations. When I opened the EMF meter, it immediately detected high EMF. You don't even have to aim it at the power plant. You'll get readings even when you turn your back or step away from that spot. FYI, EMF meters are not only used to detect ghosts. That is not its first function in the first place.

3. There is a cemetery right next to the bridge. If you are aware about that and you are a bit imaginative, you'd definitely drive in a hurry.

4. Vehicles that cross the area usually over speed. It's not surprising that some of them bump into each other.

5. If you are aware that the site has some kind of "haunted reputation", things might run in your head and you may start anticipating that something will happen.

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Jade Martin is the founder of Center for Paranormal Studies and Profilers of the Unknown. She is also a Businesswoman, Certified Life and Business Coach, Author, Filmmaker, Public Speaker, Ghost Tour Guide, Paranormal Investigator and Tarot Reader.

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