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Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Immortal One and the Moon Maiden

The story began when the world was young, when man lived with different entities and beings on earth, when all kinds of different magickal beings lived amongst men as Angels and Demons rule the land.

There lived a man with many skills comparable to Achilles and with the strength comparable to Hercules. He was a hunter and lives a solitary life in the wild forest where all kinds of creatures roam freely. He was called Immortal One.

On cloudless nights where the moon is full, Mother Gaia would show her majestic night sky and would allow her moon maidens to take a bath from the sacred pool of the muses. One of the moon maidens is Ella. She has a golden hair that is as soft as silk and cotton. When the moon shines over the sacred pool, a golden silver green and blue veil would open. And from that veil, the noble, serene young lady would emerge with all the grandeur of the night sky looking down upon her as she immerses herself in the water.

One tranquil night while Ella was bathing in the sacred pool, knowing nothing of her surrounding, a pair of 6 eyes was watching her every move --- a 10 foot reptilian beast that silently stalks its prey; and as it gets ready to sprung for a quick attack on the Moon Maiden, a thunderous flash of lightning came and brawled with the beast.

As the moon maiden emerges out naked from the sacred pool, the air around her thickens and wraps her with a white glowing satin cloth.

Staring at her beauty was the blooded hunter who after overthrowing the beast was then speechless and could not move because Ella's long hair had already paralyzed him. With only a smile on her face as a sign of gratitude, the moon maiden released the hunter as she walks back to the veil and disappears, leaving only the scent of jasmin and rose in the cold air of the night.

Night after night, the Immortal One would come back at the same spot where he once saw the beautiful moon maiden. From night until dawn, the hunter would wait patiently and eagerly. Until one evening, the moon shines over the sacred pool and Ella appeared in front the hunter. The hunter knelt down on his knees offering nothing but his life as he confesses to the moon maiden how she captured his heart. And every time the moon is full, the hunter awaits patiently for her arrival.

In an unfortunate turn of events, the heavens above decided to purge and separate all realities back then. Water was used to purge and cleanse the earth of all inhabitants.

Immortal One said, "I will search for you through a thousand worlds, and ten thousand lifetimes, until I find you."

Ella, the Moon Maiden replied, "Wait for me, until I come back and we will be one again."

And the great flood came, sealing all doorways, purging the earth, leaving only humans alike to live; and as time passes by, Immortal One was killed in battle and his soul was reincarnated, and so is Ella's soul.

Present Time...

A momentous occasion was about to happen. It's a church wedding where everyone is happy. The bride and groom were excited; and as the wedding commences, a small voice in the air whispered, "Why didn't you wait for me?"
[Edited By: Jade Martin]
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