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Friday, June 19, 2015

Thanks to My Detractors and Bashers - I Owe You My Success

Just this week, I became a victim again of Cyber Bullying on Facebook. Though I am used to it, I still couldn't help but sigh and ask myself this question ---> "Why can't some people get a life?"

I do not intend to elaborate the story and I will not mention names because I do not want to give some people and groups free publicity. I also do not want to humiliate them that much like what they are doing to me. I wrote this blog because I want to pour my heart out and start breathing with ease again.

I posted about filing a case against these people on my FB Wall; but you know what truth is? I LIED ABOUT IT! I do not really have the intention to do that in spite of their uncontrollable behavior. I only posted that to serve as a bait...a trap that will get some people feasting over my post and doing things that will give me some sort of confirmation. May the universe forgive me for having thoughts such as these.

I wanted to know if my suspicion that a former member of my team is continuing his hate campaign against me; watching over my back and waiting for a chance to backbite me again like he did before. I came to a point of thinking that he could be behind these people. I was surprised that this guy PMed me right after I posted that statement. He wasn't even my friend on FB but he seemed to be so much updated about my actions. Is this a confirmation that I am right or am I just being imaginative? Who can really tell anyway?

I know that it may be unfair to have this kind of suspicion. But with how great the damages he did to me before, I wouldn't be surprised if ever I'll find out that he is still up to something until now. I swear, I tried my best to shake that thought off my mind. I've moved on long time ago and I continue to move forward; but I couldn't stop it from coming back because of the trauma I've experienced. No matter how mean I would appear to be right now and though I might not be able to prove my allegations, it is my right to contemplate.

I also want to see if another group of people would plunge into the issue again. That will also give me some kind of confirmation that they are stalking me and my group to fetch something to talk about and make fun of. I was not surprised anymore when I got reports that they are indeed talking about me. And I secretly laughed...

I refuse to say anything evil to anyone, but to my detractors and bashers, I would like to say "THANK YOU."
Thank you for making me stronger. And though you often tag me as PIKON, this is what I say to you; I am PROUDLY PIKON because that is much better than being BITTER. I know that I have my share of imperfections as human. I maybe brutally straightforward, tactless and stringent; but I am not a bad person. People who are working closely with me can vouch for that. If you think it is your right to question my integrity, it is also my right to be ANGRY sometimes, especially when people have gone too far. You do not seem to know your limits and that makes me sad. I wish that everyone on Earth will be happy and free-spirited. I am saying this with sincerity. 
Furthermore, thank you for making me feel like a SUPERSTAR. I would like to extend my gratitude because you are giving me so much attention. I must be a very important person. Bad publicity is still publicity and I am gaining more followers because of you. Your actions seem to be working in favor of me, not against me.

My start in the paranormal field was truly painstaking and I would always look back at the times where I would often shed tears...not knowing where my initiative will take me. The only thing I have with me then is faith and a good intention. I used to fear then that I would fail. But now, I gladly look at the fruits of my labor. 
I couldn't help but be happy because my team, PROFILERS OF THE UNKNOWN, is gaining more strength and credibility as time goes by. My affirmation comes from my teammates who are trustworthy, kindhearted and noble. We work together as one big happy family.

I couldn't help but rejoice whenever I see how CENTER FOR PARANORMAL STUDIES grows. And though I know for a fact that there will always be people who will still try to pull me down, the loyalty that my teammates and friends are giving me, and the support I am getting from a large number of people would be enough to keep me standing still.

Some spirits cannot get out of the dark because they don't know how to. While some spirits stay in the dark because they want to drag people to where they are. I'd rather be not like them. I'd go out of the dark to get some good works done. I do not need to speak so highly of myself at this point. I'd simply close this message with these words..
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Jade Martin is the founder of Center for Paranormal Studies and Profilers of the Unknown. She is also a Businesswoman, Certified Life and Business Coach, Author, Filmmaker, Public Speaker, Ghost Tour Guide, Paranormal Investigator and Tarot Reader.


  1. Hi Ms. Jade,

    This blog wonderful!

    People didn't realize that the more harder they hit you on the air is the more deeper they sink through the pit of hell.

    It's move now to set aside the kind jade as you are. Stand and move and file a legal case.

    I remember the advice of ate Charmaine the wife of Atty. Mark, anything or any person that bothers you make you to suffer loose of peace of mind must be filed through local justice system to restore back peace.

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