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Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Dead Speaks

"The dead speaks to me! Please, you have to believe me," begged the man who is wearing a prisoner's clothes. He looked at the man that was on his front. He looked at them with haunting eyes and disheveled hair.
The man rubbed his hands nervously "You have to believe me doc. They taunt me, they tell me things and it scares me," he continued almost in a resigned tone.
The man that was looking at him gave him a dispassionate look...looks that only skeptical people can give; and that frustrates the hopeless man.
"We found the bodies of your family. You shot your own wife with a rifle that you own and we also found your own kid lying dead beside your pool. You're telling me that the dead told you to kill your own family?" he asked with a raised brow. "Maybe it's time for you to accept the responsibility that it was your choice that you killed them and not blame the dead people about what you did."
The pleading man got quiet. Despair took over him and cried over and put his face on two hands. The sobs echoed around the four cornered dark room where prisoners are being interrogated. The only visible light was the white light lit up above the gray table where both men are.
The skeptical man picked something under the table "You know you can always end your misery, right here right now," he said soothingly.
The tired man looked at him as he hold his sobs and burst into chuckle, "Oh yeah, how?"
The doctor leaned on the table and looked at him while he slid a sliver of glass and smiled. His eyes went pitch black. His face suddenly stretched and his mouth turned wide. Out of fear and total panic, the prisoner took the sliver of glass and stabbed his neck. Blood burst and flowed from the veins of his neck and made a chocking sound....

[Edited By: Jade Martin]
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Melric is an amateur paranormal researcher who also loves solving mysteries at the comfort of his armchair, self confessed comic book geek and bookworm. He is also a sucker for philosophical conversation, pop culture, rock music and writes short horror stories when he's bored.

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