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Monday, March 20, 2017

Intramuros Ghost Walk - A Combination of Things that I Love

Intramuros Ghost Walk (IGW) is a combination of several things that I love. They are as follows:

Walking: My father had a serious accident when I was in Grade 6,. That made my family lose a fortune. I was filled then with sorrow because I witnessed the sufferings not only of my father, but also of my mother. I had to stop going to a private school and I was transferred to a public school, which made me miss a lot of my dear friends in elementary. We've sold our belongings, which include my precious Yamaha One-Man-Band Organ and my mother's one-of-a-kind diamond wedding ring. We've lost a beautiful house and we had no choice but to stay with some relatives for the meantime. I became an outlet to my father's bitterness which drives me to take long walks everyday so I can drown my depression and anxiety. It wasn't so long until I realized that walking helped me save a lot of money from transportation. It also gave me physical, emotional and mental benefits. Since then, walking became my habit.

Learning: I love learning new things through experience and observation. Everytime I walk, I get a view of the real world and what's happening around us. Walking made me discover a lot of things that I haven't encountered just by reading books and watching TV.

Socializing: I meet new friends, contacts and connections. That will be rare if I will only stay indoors most of the time. I enjoy social life and as far as I am concerned, I was born to be sociable.

Philippine History: Before I get to know other countries and people, I'll get to know my own origin first and foremost. Until now, I explore our history and I share some of the things I learned to my Intramuros Ghost Walkers. Intramuros is a great place to explore if you are a Philippine History enthusiast. It holds a lot of precious memories of our past that will help us understand our present.

Intramuros: I am so attached to this place and a bit obsessed too. I take pride in helping people see this wonderful city in a different light. The hypnotic charms of the Walled City has captivated me in ways nobody will understand; not unless they get to know the place better...the way I got to know it.

Paranormal: Intramuros makes me learn new things about The Paranormal every now and then...things that I've been sharing with my guests.

Arts and Architecture: Intramuros is a home to a lot of beautiful things and buildings. It is no ordinary city and I truly enjoy strolling there while glancing at the many artistic works within its walls.

Charity: IGW is a strong supporter of Tribu Ni Bro, a charity movement that helps people who are living in remote areas and were deprived of the comforts of the urban life. Whenever you walk with me, you are helping them as well.

Join IGW and I promise you, I will take you to a meaningful journey.

The author, Jade Martin, is the founder and creator of Center for Paranormal Studies, Profilers of the Unknown and Intramuros Ghost Walk. She is also a Businesswoman, Life and Business Coach, Author, Singer and Songwriter, Ghost Tour Operator, Paranormal Investigator and Consultant, Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Numerologist and Tarot Reader. Please join Center for Paranormal Studies. 

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