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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Past Life Regression

This is a technique where hypnosis will be used on you to help you recover the memories of your past life. Knowing who and what you are in your past life can help you understand your present situation. Some of the things you’ll discover from this are the following:

1. Why you have difficult relationships

2. Why you have emotional issues

3. Why you are drawn to certain people, places, hobbies, etc.

4. Your purpose in your current life

5. Your soul mates

6. Ways to access the abilities you’ve developed then

7. New perspective on how you can improve your present life

The author, Jade Martin, is the founder and creator of Center for Paranormal Studies, Profilers of the Unknown and Intramuros Ghost Walk. She is also a Businesswoman, Life and Business Coach, Author, Singer and Songwriter, Ghost Tour Operator, Paranormal Investigator and Consultant, Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Numerologist and Tarot Reader. Please join Center for Paranormal Studies.

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