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Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Celestial and the Human Being

According to lore, there are gigantic beings in the galaxy who are very powerful. They are about 2000 ft. tall and are called Celestials. Their duty is to guard the entire universe. One day, a human being contacted one of them.

CELESTIAL: What do you need?

HUMAN: We are experiencing massive psychic attacks. Please help us.

CELESTIAL: Sorry I can't.

HUMAN: Why not? You are big and powerful.

CELESTIAL: Because I have bigger concerns than you do. I am watching over the universe to make sure that everything is in order. Your problem is just a piece of cake.

A very short story written by Jade Martin :-)

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Jade Martin is the founder of Center for Paranormal Studies and Profilers of the Unknown. She is also a Businesswoman, Certified Life and Business Coach, Author, Filmmaker, Public Speaker, Ghost Tour Guide, Paranormal Investigator and Tarot Reader.

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