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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Insidious Chapter 3: In the Face of the Man Who Couldn't Breathe

Insidious - something that inflicts harm in a subtle or stealthy manner.

The warning continues in Insidious 3, a prequel to the first and second parts. In this installment, the character of psychic Elise Rainier returns to use her ability to save the life (and soul!) of a teenage girl named Quinn Brenner.

Expected of a recently bereaved daughter, Quinn wanted to make contact with her mom and even made attempts to do so by calling out and talking whenever she feels a presence. So, when she started seeing apparitions and feeling strange when alone, she rejoiced at the thought of still having her mother around her.

What Quinn didn't know (and what most wouldn't know when the dead supposedly tries to make contact) is that it's not her mom at all, but an emphysematous yet powerful entity bent on dragging her to her death and taking her soul as booty. The game plan was to keep making her believe it was her mom until she is vulnerable, left with all her fences down. Insidious, huh?

Sadly yet expectedly for most of us, this game plan always scores. The movie is not saying it's impossible for the dead to make contact with the living. Yes, under certain circumstances, they can. What it is saying is that when the dead tries to make contact, it might not always be who we think it is. The solution is to keep our hearts pure and strong enough to be able to discern. Even a gifted psychic like Elise can fall prey when the guard is let down.

The movie also shows how fear can work against anyone. It can make us panic, cloud our judgment, and hand us defeat. There's no better antidote than to know who or what we are dealing with so as to best plan how to equip ourselves when faced with an entity that is trying to kill us or someone we know.

Watching the movie didn't feel like a joke because the depictions were generally realistic. There wasn't any of that fanfare associated with séance scenes. There were no lousy special effects. The storyline wasn't a duh. And there were no ham actors in sight.

Moreover, certain maxims of the supernatural were taken up such as travelling to the other side, communicating with the dead, and vanquishing our weaknesses whenever entities try to capitalize on these.

Insidious 3 wasn't a disappointment for a third installment. It made us jump off our seats, hyperventilate, and munch mindlessly with popping eyes on every popped kernel we could get our hands on.

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