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Monday, June 1, 2015

Engkatos Dwelling in the Philippines

An Engkanto, according to folklore, is an environmental spirit that has a human form. They occupy a layer in our world which is not openly accessible to us. However, this layer has portals; and there are certain schedules where they open and close. Those who would be able to get inside should also be able to get out before these portals close; lest, they will be trapped in there and would have to wait for the next schedule before they can come out.
Engkantos, being deities, have the ability to cause ailments, depression and confusion among human beings. They can mislead travellers and kidnap those that they like or those they pity and bring them to their realm.
It is believed that if they become fond of you or if they want to help you, they will take you to their space and give you an ability that will make you powerful or wealthy. There are people who have been in coma or have lost their minds in many days who afterward claim that they were following strange beings to strange places. They are not even aware that they have been in such condition for a long time. Most of them  thought that they had only been away for a while.

Oftentimes, engkantos are thought of as fallen angels because of their appearance and supernatural abilities. They  look so good but they usually have 1 or 2 flaws. Take for example, a very beautiful woman with pointed ears and a very handsome man with the legs of a horse.
The Dwelling Place of Engkantos
There is a theory that the Earth we live in is made of 3 layers. There lower layer is the Underworld and it serves as the space of lower spirits. The middle layer is where we, human beings, dwell; and the third layer is otherwise known as Skyworld, the space of higher beings such as engkantos.
Engkantos and Human Beings
It is believed that some of these higher beings from the higher layer of the Earth called Skyworld used to mingle and interact with human beings. Some of them even had relationships with humans and they bore kids for them. This may be the reason why some of us have strong connections to higher spirits. Simply because some of our ancestors came from Skyworld.

Unfortunately, since human beings took advantage of the engkantos who were trying to help us then by teaching us technology and effective healing methods, they placed a veil between their dwelling place and ours. Nowadays, only chosen people can interact with them. They no longer make themselves very accessible to us because some of our ancestors became too dependent on them; asking for everything they need without working for it and borrowing stuff that they don't return.
The Parallel Universe
The parallel universe may not really be another universe but just another layer of the Earth. That can be the Underworld or the Skyworld. Purportedly, the souls of human beings who have spiritual relatives from these 2 Earth layers will go there when they die.
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