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Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Ethereal City of Biringan

It is believed that the Earth is made of several layers. Most of these layers are unseen or hidden before the human eye. Here in the Philippines, I have heard about a city named Biringan, which means "hanapan ng nawawala" if translated in Tagalog. That is because according to folklore, it serves as the dwelling place of the dead and missing people.
Biringan is an ethereal city which is believed to be located somewhere between Calbayog City and Catarman. Those who claim that they already saw this mysterious spot described it as a city of light because it is highly illuminated. Some people think of it as the dwelling place of Engkantos, Aswang and Lost Souls.
Sometimes, it suddenly appears and would also disappear quickly. Explorers theorized that the reason why it cannot be seen is because it is situated in a different plane or layer and the only way to get there is through a portal, through astral travelling or by using ESP. ESP or Extra Sensory Perception simply means the ability to get information using our extra senses.
I cannot say that I believe or I do not believe that Biringan exists but its story really caught my interest and I would like to explore more about it. Especially, when I learned that satellite mapping photography could track something bright on the spot where it is believed to be located.
I also find it interesting that some construction and appliance businesses there claim that they get orders from the residents of the city. The only problem is that once they try to deliver the items, which were already paid in full by the buyers, the address is nowhere to be found.
There are also stories where in public vehicles were rented by passengers who were asking to be brought to Biringan City. These passengers will pay in full before the travel begins. The drivers will pass by a strange city that they haven't seen before. And then, the passengers will just disappear together with the city, and the bus crew will find themselves together with their vehicles left on top of a mountain or a wilderness.
Nowadays, there are some people who have Facebook accounts and other internet accounts who claim that they are from Biringan City. Their photos show that they do not have philtra.
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