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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Do You Want To See Something Scary?

The cold wind of night shift struck Nick's face as he walked briskly towards the high building where he works. It was a cold summer evening, a blessing to some people who have a hard time sleeping to a scorching afternoon.
As he stood in front of the entrance he opened the door and pushed the cold metallic handle and walked on towards the elevator.
"Good evening sir." A fat bald security officer greeted him without looking. He was probably reading pornographic materials, Nick thought with a chuckle.
"Good evening Harvey," he said quickly. The elevator opened and he stepped inside the small and almost claustrophobic four cornered space. He wondered how can this elevator support the morning shift. The building have 12 floors in it. The elevator opened up on the 6th floor of the building and he looked for a vacant seat.
"Good thing it's a weekend. Less people, more seats for me," he mumbled as he sat on the first cubicle that he saw.
Hours passed. Boredom struck him. He even started checking the social network website to pass the time. The last of his colleague already left to go home. He was the only one left for the closer shift when normally there were 2 or 3 of them left; but unfortunately, one of them is sick and the other one was on vacation. Lucky S.O.B.'s he thought. Suddenly, the computer shuts down, including the one that he have and resets to an unfamiliar screen.
"What the fuck!" He cursed at the same time puzzled in what he is seeing.
A question appeared from his screen, "Hello what's your name?"
He stared at the screen slack-jawed; not sure what to do about it. He remembered a program that was done by her college classmates, an A.I. program that can somehow communicate when answered or questioned. He was not sure what if he was going to answer or not.
"C'mon don't be shy. Tell me what's your name," it retyped again.
Out of curiosity of this surreal incident he responded and typed in, "I'm Nick. Who are you?"
"It doesn't matter. I'm called by many names. I'm kinda lonely and hungry now, Nick. Watcha eatin'?"
Not sure if he wants to respond again and he kept thinking that he should be calling I.T. right now, but curiosity got the best of him.
"Burger and fries. Tell me something about yourself."
It responded quickly, "Me? Nothing much to tell. Just lonely and hungry. Wow, burgers and fries! I bet you're plump right now," it followed. "Hey Nick, do you want to see something scary?"
Surprised by the question, he was taken aback and responded, "What...why?"
"It's just a simple question. Do you want to see something scary?" 
He felt uneasy. A tight knot on his stomach started.
"LOOK AT YOUR BACK!" it quickly typed in.
His skin crawled with goosebumps and froze on his chair. Too afraid to turn or to what he might find, he gathered the strength that he have to turn around and...there was nothing. Just vacant cubicles in the dark.
As he spun around, he saw the strange A.I. responded, "Fooled you...but do you really want to see something scary?" the remaining lights closed off and the screen on his computer switched to a different screen; a greyed screen with a dark figure standing with it's back on the screen. Nick froze and stared at the figure. It turned around slowly. It was purely black except for the red eyes and long fangs, it moved towards the screen.
As the hands of the strange figure came out from the screen slowly and grab Nick on the shoulder "I'm hungry Nick. I'm very hungry," it pulled Nick toward its mouth and the last thing that Nick saw was the sharp fang enough to bite his face off. He felt the hot breath of the strange creature and the crunching sound as his face torn off in silent scream.

[Edited By: Jade Martin]

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Melric is an amateur paranormal researcher who also loves solving mysteries at the comfort of his armchair, self confessed comic book geek and bookworm. He is also a sucker for philosophical conversation, pop culture, rock music and writes short horror stories when he's bored.

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